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October 14th, 2019 — October 20th, 2019
Volume 259, Issue 3
Red Hat News
Friday Five - October 18, 2019
Red Hat News, October 18th, 2019

The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry

  • Red Hat Summit call for proposals closing soon
  • Red Hat Expands the Kubernetes Developer Experience with Newest Version of Red Hat OpenShift 4
  • siliconANGLE - RHEL and Insights combo illuminates threats and spotlights performance for Red Hat systems
  • Red Hat and SAS: Enabling enterprise intelligence across the hybrid cloud
  • Submissions Open for 2020 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year Award

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Red Hat Expands The Kubernetes Developer Experience With Newest Version Of Red Hat Openshift 4
Red Hat News, October 16th, 2019

Red Hat OpenShift 4.2 delivers new developer client tools and local development capabilities, making it easier to innovate across hybrid cloud environments on the industry's most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform

Red Hat announced Red Hat OpenShift 4.2, the latest version of Red Hat's trusted enterprise Kubernetes platform designed to deliver a more powerful developer experience. Red Hat OpenShift 4.2 extends Red Hat's commitment to simplifying and automating enterprise-grade services across the hybrid cloud while empowering developers to innovate and enhance business value through cloud-native applications...

IT - CxO
5 Things Security Executives Need To Know About Insider Threat
HelpNet Security, October 14th, 2019

Insider threat is, unfortunately, an issue that has not yet received sufficient priority

"According to the 2018 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study, CISOs' top challenges remain 'budget, talent and increasing cyber threats,' and to some, insider threat doesn't even make the list of top-ten priorities.

Considering what's at stake - and our 21st-century ability to see signs of, and ultimately prevent, insider threat - this is a phenomenon security executives can no longer afford to ignore. Specifically, leaders need to know these five things about insider threat:.."

Book Review: 'Cybersecurity Is Everybody's Business'
Government Technology, October 14th, 2019

This book is packed with great information on myriad 21st-century Internet security, data privacy and cybersafety topics

"The technology and cybersecurity industries are rapidly evolving before our eyes. Although hacking, data breaches, denial of service attacks, other Internet security incidents and cybercrime are not new, the online world is changing now more than ever as we head toward 2020.

So how can Internet users keep-up with this dizzying pace of change, much less the new terminology, cyberattack scenarios, criminal online tricks and related matters?..."

What CISOs Need To Do To Maximize Cybersecurity Awareness Month
ZDNet, October 16th, 2019

Cybersecurity strategy is on the agenda of most of the world's boardrooms

"Not too long ago, Cybersecurity Awareness Month was a niche concept for only the biggest security teams. Security leaders at large financial services organizations would dress up in superhero costumes and hand out flyers to their employees, reminding users of basic security concepts such as strong passwords. This was a time-intensive, one-off activity that was limited to those organizations that could afford it..."

Executives Are Not Actively Engaged In Ensuring The Effectiveness Of Cybersecurity Strategy
HelpNet Security, October 17th, 2019

There's a clear lack of accountability, especially on the board and among C-suite executives, and a lack of confidence in determining the efficacy of security technologies

AttackIQ and Ponemon Institute surveyed 577 IT and IT security practitioners in the United States who are knowledgeable about their organizations' IT security strategy, tactics, and technology investments.

'Enterprise culture is formed at the top. If enterprise leaders are not actively engaged in ensuring a strong cybersecurity posture, it sends the message that cybersecurity is not a mission critical issue,' said Larry Ponemon, chairman of Ponemon Institute.

How Should I Choose A Cybersecurity Insurance Provider?
SearchSecurity, October 16th, 2019

To vet potential cybersecurity insurance providers, there are a few questions every customer should ask. Learn more about the questions to ask and how to get the answers you need

There are several questions that organizational and security leaders must ask to ensure they choose the ideal cybersecurity insurance provider and policy for their needs.

Refer to this list below for example questions organizations should ask of potential providers, along with some insight into how to find the right answers.

How much cybersecurity risk is your business exposed to?

Compound Biometrics - Protection In-Depth
Fortress Identity, October 14th, 2019

Many financial services firms stopped kidding themselves about passwords a long time ago

"The march toward really effective user authentication has taken much longer than it should have. And that is true for all industries.

Just last year about 85% of data breaches were enabled by compromised passwords. Most attacks were external, but nearly 25% of them came from inside the organization.

Early replacements for passwords or methods of fortifying passwords helped for a while, but fraudsters quickly found ways of getting around them. In fact, the relentless ingenuity of cybercriminals in spoofing new security measures continues to frustrate firms that are still attempting to cope with what I would call half-measures..."

Bankers, Here Are Nine Things Hackers Hope You Never Learn
Fortress Identity, October 15th, 2019

It's time to turn your institution into a biometric fortress

Alessandro Chiarini writes, "In my role as an advisor to financial institutions on mobile biometric authentication, I meet bankers from all over the world. Most are technologically literate and leverage technology effectively in their operations, marketing, sales, communications, etc. However, many share a blind spot when it comes to their vulnerability to internal and external threats. They are insufficiently aware of:

  • The scale and nature of the dangers they face, internally as well as externally.
  • The latest security solutions available to financial institutions.
  • The ease and economy with which voice biometric authentication can be implemented for mobile devices.

Below, I list nine things all bankers should know about protecting themselves..."

Why Cybercriminals Prefer Passwords
Fortress Identity, October 16th, 2019

Are passwords still a viable security option in 2019?

  • I wouldn't try to protect a mobile payment network with them.
  • I wouldn't use them to control access to a healthcare facility.
  • I wouldn't trust them to safeguard online retail transactions either.

"Granted, they do provide a tiny measure of security, but experience shows passwords are hacked, stolen, and guessed too easily to rely on one day longer. Passwords have become an open invitation to costly fraud and invasion....

IT - Storage
Strong HDD High Capacity Nearline Demand With 16TB Emerging
Storage Newsletter, October 14th, 2019

Over the past week, the Trendfocus team was once again in Asia, looking into HDD build plans and end-demand for HDDs for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020

"From a build plan perspective, client HDDs are following the muted seasonal patterns forecasted after some of the demand was pulled into 2CQ19 due to the fear of rising tariffs. While some consumer-related products such as PCs will not suffer tariff increases until mid-December, the ongoing saga of U.S./China trade tensions has weighed on economic growth and continues to threaten further slow-downs in consumer and corporate spending..."

Hard Disks Give New Technologies A Spin
The Next Platform, October 17th, 2019

There is little doubt that solid state disks have become a disruptive force for datacenter storage and have bright future

"Their steady rise, either in all-flash arrays or disk-flash hybrid systems, is being driven by declining prices for NAND and the rapid adoption of NVMe.

This is leading some industry watchers to ponder the demise the spinning disk. But this device still has a few tricks up its sleeve and is continuing to evolve right alongside its solid state competition..."

A Guide To Emerging Data Memory And Storage Technologies
Information Management, October 14th, 2019

Technology breakthroughs are changing the way we live and work and with that change comes a change in datasets

"The amount of data we produce at scale is significantly larger than decades ago and enormous amounts of data require rapid development of memory storage technologies and hardware upgrades. In-memory computing, new memory technology, and secure infrastructure are some of the biggest considerations..."

MAMR Tech Fuels Mammoth 20 TB Hard Drives
SearchStorage, October 18th, 2019

Age-old hard disk drives get a new twist as energy-assisted technologies fuel Western Digital's upcoming new 20 TB HDDs and rivals Seagate and Toshiba work on product plans

"There's plenty of life in spinning disk technology, with innovative new 18 TB and 20 TB hard drive options on the horizon just months after 16 TB models started shipping.

Faster NAND flash and Optane solid-state drives may command more attention, but hyperscalers, cloud providers and enterprises in need of high-capacity storage at a lower cost still turn to hard disk drives (HDDs)..."

WW HDDs Shipped Rise To 83 Million In 3Q19 - Trendfocus
Storage Newsletter, October 18th, 2019

Preliminary 3CQ19 Results: HDDs Rise to Over 83 Million Units, 240EB

"3.5″ desktop/CE HDDs: Total 3.5″ desktop/CE HDD shipments (including 3.5″ external HDDs) lifted approximately 1 million units Q/Q to nearly 26.5 million HDDs.

2.5″ mobile/CE HDDs: Total 2.5″ mobile/CE HDD shipments increased approximately 1.3 million units from the prior quarter to just over 38 million HDDs, driven in part by seasonally stronger 2.5″ external HDD shipments...."

AI Will Free Security Pros From Menial Tasks, Experts Say
StateTech, October 17th, 2019

Automation will let security pros at government agencies focus on threat hunting and higher-level development projects

"State and local governments are looking at artificial intelligence as a way to manage and secure an overwhelming wave of data collected by government agencies today while freeing human beings to manage more subtle and complex aspects of cybersecurity challenges.

Alan Shark, executive director of the Public Technology Institute, says state and local security teams can use AI to free security analysts from the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of reading all the security logs from intrusion detection and intrusion prevention appliances, anti-virus software, URL filters and endpoints..."

IT - Humor
Master Of Disguise
ComputerWorld, October 14th, 2019

That was quite a display

"It's about 20 years ago, and this pilot fish travels around the U.S. demonstrating his company's network computer at trade shows.

'The device,' says fish, 'was basically a dumb terminal connected to a PC server instead of a mainframe, and therefore capable of serving up Windows and web applications. Since the product was small and easy to miss, I would always attach an impressive 17-inch LCD flat-screen monitor that retailed for $2,000.'

In 1998, most people have never seen a flat-screen monitor..."

Flashback Friday: Give Them A Headache And They Might Be Generous
ComputerWorld, October 18th, 2019

But we bet they'll find a way to get that 8 cents back

"It's the mid-1980s, and this pilot fish is working on a project to convert his company's payroll system from one proprietary mainframe to a newer model.

'After converting the system, we did parallel runs for the same week between old and new hardware,' says fish.

And lo and behold, the newer hardware comes up with a total payroll that's 8 cents less than the run on the old hardware..."

Very Interesting
ComputerWorld, October 14th, 2019

Software takes everything so literally

"One day, back in the '80s, all the ATMs at the bank where pilot fish works suddenly refuse to dispense cash. Customers get a cryptic message about the system not being able to process requests..."

A New Business Model With Help From CRM
CRMBuyer, October 17th, 2019

"capitalism as we know it is dead" - Marc Benioff

"I have been writing about Salesforce for 20 years. That's incredible for me because aside from marriage, there's nothing in my life I've done so consistently for so long. Perhaps like a marriage, the thing that's been attractive about Salesforce is its constantly changing nature.

The company went through a more or less typical adolescence for a startup but beyond that it always had a sense of mission that it was changing the world..."

How To Amplify The Impact Of Your CRM
Business 2 Community, October 16th, 2019

85 percent of buyers say that they will dismiss a seller in the first interaction if they don't receive tailored information - Forrester research

"In today's automated world, self-service has allowed customers to become increasingly independent. In fact, according to research from Forrester, B2B buyers want to self-educate rather than engage with a sales representative by a factor of nearly three to one. Meanwhile, seven in 10 indicate that buying products and services for work from a website is more convenient than buying from a sales rep. As if that weren't enough, Gartner predicts that customers will manage as much as 85 percent of their business relationships without any human interaction by 2020..."

Top Business Intelligence Software
Datamation, October 14th, 2019

The best business intelligence software offers a full complement of competitive advantages: snappy visual reports, deep data mining, automation, help with forecasting and other key tools

"The best business intelligence software offers a full complement of competitive advantages: snappy visual reports, deep data mining, automation, help with forecasting and other key tools.

As artificial intelligence and machine learning have become the buzzwords du jour, business intelligence might not seem quite as sexy as it once did. Yet there are still many companies that lean heavily on their BI platforms. And there are still plenty of companies shopping for a new business intelligence program, with an eye toward upgrading their staff's data analyzing capabilities..."

What Is Business Intelligence? Transforming Data Into Business Insights
CIO, October 14th, 2019

Business intelligence (BI) leverages software and services to transform data into actionable insights that inform an organization's business decisions

"Business intelligence (BI) leverages software and services to transform data into actionable insights that inform an organization's strategic and tactical business decisions. BI tools access and analyze data sets and present analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts and maps to provide users with detailed intelligence about the state of the business..."

Forecast: The Talent Drought Will Get Worse.
HR Dive, October 17th, 2019

Sure, the unemployment rate is at a record low. But hiring will eventually get easier for employers.right? Wrong.

The latest forecasts show the labor shortage deepening, not easing up.

How much worse will it get? A recent Korn Ferry study estimates there will be a global shortage of 85.2 million workers by 2030. The U.S. is on the precipice of a dire talent drought, which is further exacerbated by an ageing population: Baby Boomers are retiring at the rate of 10,000 people every day for the next decade.

Web Accessibility: Why It Matters To Your HR Department
Business 2 Community, October 14th, 2019

Most people think that digital technology has made the world more accessible

"While websites do increase accessibility for many people, they can be limiting for others. Specifically, people with disabilities may have increased difficulty accessing online content. This is not merely an inconvenience in some cases. For businesses that advertise jobs online, this question of web accessibility can have legal ramifications.

There are many laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities. In the 1990s, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. This act required businesses to make their physical spaces universally accessible. This allowed people with disabilities to visit and work at businesses just like everyone else. Now, nearly 30 years later, this accessibility must also be digital..."

Augmented Reality (AR): 4 Enterprise Use Cases
The Enterprisers Project, October 14th, 2019

What are companies doing with augmented reality? Let's examine some real-world use cases

"Augmented reality (AR) has been creeping into our everyday lives, from Google Maps AR functionality, which layers digital directions on top of real-world apps, to Snapchat Lenses, which AR/VR consultant and author Charlie Fink calls 'the first consumer augmented reality application to go mainstream.'

AR is also beginning to have an impact in business contexts, as a wider range of enterprises pilot and adopt AR capabilities..."

VR/AR Startup Valuations Reach $45 Billion
TechCruch, October 18th, 2019

Despite early-stage virtual reality market and augmented reality market valuations softening in a transitional period, total global AR/VR startup valuations are now at $45 billion globally

"non-pure play AR/VR startups discussed below, and that amount exceeds $67 billion. More than $8 billion has been returned to investors through M&A already, with the remaining augmented and virtual reality startups carrying more than $36 billion valuations on paper. Only time will tell how much of this value gets realized for investors..."

IT - Operations
Analysts: There Are Now More Than 500 Hyperscale Data Centers In The World
DataCenter Knowlegde, October 18th, 2019

It took two years to build more than 100 massive server farms, but the rate is accelerating

"How long does it take the world to build 100 hyperscale data centers? Lately, about two years.

The number of these massive facilities -- they house all our data, serve all our entertainment, and power and cool the computing infrastructure for applications our lives now revolve around -- is now north of 500, says one analyst firm..."

Hyperscale Datacenters Lift Many Boats
datanami, October 15th, 2019

Soaring demand for hyperscale datacenters and colocation services is having a ripple effect within the value chain that builds and integrates those services

As edge deployments and software-defined infrastructure drove overall hyperscale datacenter spending last year to an estimated $120 billion, the survey released by Schneider Electric notes that growing demand also highlights continuing skills gap. The ongoing skilled labor shortage was the top challenge across the datacenter ecosystem, according to the survey released on Monday (Oct. 14).

IT - Security
The Connected Cybercrime Ecosystem & The Impact Of The Capital One Breach
Dark Reading, October 14th, 2019

A company's security battle is not between that company and a specific fraudster; rather, it's between the company and connected cybercriminal ecosystem

"It's been about two months since one of the biggest data breaches in history was announced: A hacker gained access to more than 100 million Capital One customers' accounts and credit card applications.

The announcement made global headlines and left consumers and businesses reeling, but it did not come as a surprise to us. With the recent increase in attack volumes within the Arkose Labs network, we knew something of this magnitude had occurred. It was clear that fraudsters had gotten access to new, powerful information to weaponize..."

Planting Tiny Spy Chips In Hardware Can Cost As Little As $200
Ars Technica, October 14th, 2019

Proof-of-concept shows how easy it may be to hide malicious chips inside IT equipment

More than a year has passed since Bloomberg Businessweek grabbed the lapels of the cybersecurity world with a bombshell claim: that Supermicro motherboards in servers used by major tech firms, including Apple and Amazon, had been stealthily implanted with a chip the size of a rice grain that allowed Chinese hackers to spy deep into those networks. Apple, Amazon, and Supermicro all vehemently denied the report. The National Security Agency dismissed it as a false alarm. The Defcon hacker conference awarded it two Pwnie Awards, for "most overhyped bug" and "most epic fail." And no follow-up reporting has yet affirmed its central premise.

5 Steps To Protect Against Ransomware Attacks
Dark Reading, October 15th, 2019

Paying a ransom is strongly discouraged by experts. So, how do you protect your organization?

"Because of a few key elements, ransomware is a growing threat for all Internet-connected enterprises. First, the barrier to entry in terms of cost is very low for adversaries because ransomware is inexpensive to purchase on the Dark Web. Second, ransomware is often distributed via email, which is also inexpensive (if not free) and can be used for targeted or random attacks. Finally, ransomware exploits the weakest element of cybersecurity: people..."

Equifax Data Breach FAQ: What Happened, Who Was Affected, What Was The Impact?
CSO Online, October 14th, 2019

In 2017, attackers exfiltrated hundreds of millions of customer records from the credit reporting agency. Here's a timeline of the security lapses that allowed the breach to happen and the company's response

"In March 2017, personally identifying data of hundreds of millions of people was stolen from Equifax, one of the credit reporting agencies that assess the financial health of nearly everyone in the United States.

As we'll see, the breach spawned a number of scandals and controversies: Equifax was criticized for everything ranging from their lax security posture to their bumbling response to the breach, and top executives were accused of corruption in the aftermath..."

IT - Database
Is Amazon's Database Strategy A Glimpse Into The Future?
The Next Platform, October 16th, 2019

IBM, through the work of Edgar Codd, invented the ideas behind the relational database back in 1970

"Even though IBM Research created the System R database in 1974 and had a few customers for this research effort, and even though its 'Pacific' project integrated a relational database into an object-based operating system to create the System/38 back in 1978 - a very advanced machine for its day that still lives on in the Power Systems family running the IBM i operating system - it is Oracle that gets credit for commercializing the relational database.

Perhaps that is justified because IBM didn't really sell more than a few tens of thousands of System/38s in their decade of availability and moreover Big Blue did not get a relational database, called SQL/DS, out on mainframes until 1981 and did not get its flagship DB2 database running on mainframes until 1983..."

MongoDB vs. MySQL: How To Choose
Inforworld, October 14th, 2019

MongoDB and MySQL are the leading open source NoSQL and relational databases, respectively. Which is best for your application?

""During the dot-com bubble in the 1990s, one common software stack for web applications was LAMP, which originally stood for Linux (OS), Apache (web server), MySQL (relational database), and PHP (server programming language). MySQL was the preferred database mostly because it was free open source and had good read performance, which fit well with 'Web 2.0' apps that dynamically generated sites from the database..."

IT - Server
Composable Infrastructure Platform Flexes Converged Muscles
SearchConvergedInfrastructure, October 14th, 2019

The data center has evolved rapidly over the last decade. No longer are enterprises limited to costly and complex traditional IT infrastructures

"Today, in addition to the cloud -- public, private and hybrid -- organizations have a number of on-site infrastructure options to choose from, among them converged infrastructure, hyper-converged infrastructure and, the newest arrival, the composable infrastructure platform.

Converged infrastructure reduced compatibility issues and eased management by optimizing data center component integration into prequalified turnkey appliances..."

7 Powerful Open Source Tools For Your Data Projects
SmartDataCollective, October 14th, 2019

These powerful open source tools for data projects will make your work that much more seamless and functional. Here's what is recommended

"Regardless of if you're a data science professional or an IT department who wants to help your company have more successful data science projects, it's essential to have some data science tools under your belt to avail of when needed.

Here are some open-source options to consider..."

IT - DevOps
How Enterprise IT Teams Can Win The Hearts Of DevOps, October 16th, 2019

Take your average IT team in a young enterprise in the midst of skyrocketing growth. There's a good chance the workflows they've used since the outset can't keep up with the ever-increasing volume of requests from the business

"In the minds of some DevOps and app development teams in particular, the IT department of the scrappy startup has gradually become the department of slowing things down.

As a result, tasks that once took hours, such as provisioning resources (e.g., virtual machines, workloads, XaaS), can now take days. For agile DevOps teams, this is essentially a showstopper: They need access to resources when they need them-not when you deem them worthy. Anything else feels like a drag on development and the business..."

IT - Cloud
5 Best Practices For Choosing Cloud Developer Tools
SearchCloudComputing, October 14th, 2019

Enterprises are pushing cloud app development as a way to stay up to date on the latest IT trends. Find out how to pick the right cloud and tools for your apps and your staff

"Public clouds attract throngs of developers with easy access to a wide range of tools, but the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming.

AWS, Microsoft Azure and other major cloud providers have bolstered their cloud developer tools as each tries to stand out from the crowd. This included a move to cloud IDEs, DevOps tools and a range of other higher-level services intended to ease -- or expand -- what can be done with cloud app development..."

Cloud Migration Failures And How To Prevent Them
SearchCIO, October 14th, 2019

Companies are moving more applications than ever to the cloud, but many of these initiatives fail. Learn how to avoid making your own cloud migration mistake

"The use of cloud computing for enterprise apps continues to grow, with organizations putting more of their workloads in public clouds and pursuing multi-cloud strategies to generate lower costs, increased agility and greater flexibility.

However, not all cloud deployments deliver those benefits -- or any benefits at all. Many IT leaders face cloud migration failures, because they move apps into the cloud only to find they don't work as well there as they did on premises, forcing a reverse migration..."

3 Potential Multi-Cloud Challenges That Could Go Unnoticed
SearchNetworking, October 16th, 2019

Disaster recovery, vendor lock-in and cost are major factors as organizations evaluate multi-cloud strategies. However, these pros can become cons if teams aren't careful.

"Organizations adopt multi-cloud strategies for disaster recovery protection, vendor lock-in avoidance and affordable prices. However, these advantages can also lead to several multi-cloud challenges for organizations.

Multi-cloud network environments comprise two or more cloud providers or services. Organizations and network teams should consider the maturity and portability of their networks before they adopt a multi-cloud strategy, said Sridhar Vasudevan, principal strategist for cloud and data center strategies at Insight Enterprises, an IT service provider based in Tempe, Ariz..."

AWS vs. Azure: Compare Vmware-Based Hybrid Clouds
SearchCloudComputing, October 14th, 2019

Enterprises can extend their on-premises VMware environments to AWS or Azure, but they'll need to decide which one best meets their needs. See how the two managed services stack up

"Industry experts have long talked about hybrid cloud, but it's only been in the past couple years that enterprises have actually been able to integrate on-premises and public cloud infrastructures into a seamless IT environment.

VMware has been at the center of much of this shift. It dominates the market for enterprise virtualized software stacks, and its install base wants to extend vSphere environments to one or more public clouds. After an ill-received attempt at running its own proprietary cloud service, VMware changed course and got the ball rolling on hybrid integrations with major public cloud platforms..."

Key Differences Between Cloud Storage Offerings
ComputerWeekly, October 16th, 2019

Cloud storage offerings are often largely similar. We run through the key areas where they can differ, such as location, range of services and data protection

"Two key IT challenges that seem to come up a lot right now are how to take advantage of the cloud and what to do about ever-growing storage capacity needs.

The fact is that the answer to each can also part answer the other question..."

6 Long-Term Plans To Add To Cloud Cost Optimization Strategies
SearchCloudComputing, October 15th, 2019

Short-term cost management tools are one way to improve cost efficiencies in the cloud, but to stay on track, you also need long-term strategies to eliminate unnecessary cloud spend

"Traditionally, enterprises turn to short-term fixes to control cloud costs, using tools to identify inefficiencies in existing workloads. But this is only part of the solution. True cloud cost optimization requires long-term planning and smart architectural decisions.

There are three main strategies to reduce costs, though they only address short-term expenditures:..."

IaaS vs. PaaS options on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform
SearchCloudComputing, October 15th, 2019

Looking to shift your workloads to the cloud? Understand and compare the IaaS and PaaS options on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

"IaaS and PaaS are two of the oldest and most widely used categories of cloud computing services -- similar in some ways but still fundamentally different types of platforms.

Enterprises must understand those differences in order to choose the right type of cloud service for a given use case. This article explains the benefits and drawbacks of IaaS vs. PaaS, and surveys the main IaaS and PaaS offerings available from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform..."

IT - Networks
Mellanox Releases 200Gb/s Network Cards, October 15th, 2019

Mellanox released ConnectX-6 Dx cards that are capable of 200Gb/s over NVMe/TCP

"The ConnectX-6 Dx is the latest in Mellanox's multi-decade line of network cards. Building on their previous successes, the new cards provide either a single port of 200Gb/s Ethernet connectivity or two ports of 10/25/40/50/100Gb/s. In addition to basic network connectivity, the cards also sport several dedicated hardware accelerators. Notably, they support acceleration for Open vSwitch connection tracking and inline hardware cryptographic acceleration of IPSec and TLS for both RoCE and TCP..."

SD-WAN And Enterprise Transformation
Enterprise AI, October 17th, 2019

Whether its increased mobility, the migration of critical applications to the cloud or the adoption of SaaS, today's modern enterprise is all about connectivity

"Employees can now efficiently interact with real-time data and applications across the edges of the organization and provide richer customer experiences.


But enhanced connectivity is just the first leg of the digital transformation journey. The next phase is embracing technologies such as AI, augmented reality, predictive analytics and robotic process automation, which are fueling demand for increased bandwidth and better network performance..."

SD-WAN vs. MPLS: MPLS Isn't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon
Network Computing, October 15th, 2019

Many companies will continue to use MPLS in the data center to support basic network domain and server services such as authentication, DHCP, and DNS

"Gartner says software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) will grow to become a $1.3 billion market by 2021, growing at a 59 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). At the same time, the overall branch office router market will take a steep drop, according to the analysts. A quick scan of the headlines these days reveals a lot of chatter over the benefits of replacing legacy Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) services with more flexible MPLS alternatives such as SD-WAN..."

Top 3 Network Security Threats And How To Protect Against Them
SearchNetworking, October 14th, 2019

Enterprise networks are seemingly always under attack. Learn about the most common network security threats and what protections you should have in place

The network is business-critical. Any network security threats that interfere with operations and infrastructure can have a significant effect.

According to a recent study by IBM Security and the Ponemon Institute, each data breach typically costs an organization nearly $4 million. As the volume and severity of cyberattacks accelerate, understanding the biggest threats and what security infrastructure needs to be in place is crucial to prevent attacks and recover from breaches when they occur.

IT - IoT
Enterprise Guide To Edge Computing
InformationWeek, October 15th, 2019

Here's a collection of information to help IT leaders and professionals learn more about edge computing and use cases for their enterprise organizations

"We're all hearing more about edge computing, and analysts are projecting huge growth in this area over the next few years. To cite one, a recent report by Gartner indicates that by 2025, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. That's up from 10% today..."

New Data Analysis Approach Could Strengthen The Security Of IoT Devices
HelpNet Security, October 14th, 2019

A multi-pronged data analysis approach that can strengthen the security of IoT devices, such as smart TVs, home video cameras and baby monitors, against current risks and threats has been created by a team of Penn State World Campus students

A new forecast from IDC estimates that there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices, or 'things,' generating 79.4 zettabytes (ZB) of data in 2025.

'These devices can leave people vulnerable to security breaches that can put their personal data at risk or worse, affect their safety. Yet no strategy exists to identify when and where a network security attack on these devices is taking place and what such an attack even looks like,' said Beulah Samuel, a student in the Penn State World Campus information sciences and technology program.

IT - Careers
14 Hot Cybersecurity Certifications Right Now
insideBIGDATA, October 15th, 2019

n an industry where certifications can make or break a job candidacy, which ones have security pros been going after in 2019?

"We know there are plenty of jobs out there for those interested in working in security. And there is also no shortage of security certifications for those who want to demonstrate to employers they have earned the education they need to succeed. But in a fast-moving and evolving field, which certifications are catching fire lately?..."

I Think They Expect Me To Work For Free
Ask The Headhunter, October 14th, 2019

In the October 15, 2019 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter a reader wonders whether he's being asked to do a job interview or to work for free...


"I'm interviewing with a large start-up co-working company. The position is in part a strategy role. They asked me to create a fairly involved business plan for a product launch that they are planning to offer in a few months. I am concerned that this is an effort to get free analysis out of me. They'll take my plan and then leave me in the cold. Do you see a way to move forward without providing free consulting services?..."

IT - Compliance
Setting Governance Standards For Data As Personal Property
Government Technology, October 14th, 2019

If we are going to solve modern urban problems, we need to push the conversation on data ownership and work with local, state and federal policymakers as well as tech companies to incite change

"Urban technology touches almost every aspect of our daily lives: real estate, infrastructure, transportation, waste, water and more. From larger corporations, like Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs and Lendlease to new entrants like Via and Airbnb, to emerging startups like RoadBotics and Versatile Natures, companies around the world are working to solve some of our cities' most pressing issues..."

When and How to Write a GDPR DPIA
CSO Online, October 17th, 2019

Data Protection Impact Assessments are a way for companies to minimize risk around new processes and keep a record demonstrating their efforts to comply with the GDPR

"The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation isn't meant to be a mere compliance checklist. Unlike some other data-related regulations, there isn't a simple list of processes and technologies you can install to be compliant. And just because you were compliant on May 25, 2018, doesn't mean you are still compliant now..."

IT - Backup
Gartner Magic Quadrant For Data Center Backup And Recovery Solution
Storage Newsletter, October 16th, 2019

The data center backup and recovery market is rapidly changing as it addresses I&O leaders' needs for simpler, more agile and cost-optimized solutions

"By 2022, 40% of organizations will replace their backup applications from what they deployed at the beginning of 2018...

This week after a two-year hiatus, Gartner published its 2019 Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions with a new lead analyst and supporting team.

As many know, Gartner's research can sway market perceptions-presumably based on the firm's reputation for diligent research and, as Gartner notes, the firm's 'independence, objectivity and accuracy'..."

Top Cloud Archival Data Services
Datamation, October 17th, 2019

Cloud archival services are essential because not all data needs to be kept readily accessible within an enterprise. Cloud archival storage provide a lower-cost cloud option

"Cloud archival services are essential because not all data needs to be - or should be - kept readily accessible within an enterprise or within a cloud. That's the domain where cloud archival storage technologies fit in: it provides a lower-cost cloud option for data that is rarely accessed, but still needs to be stored for indefinite periods of time.

Archival data is defined as data that is put into an archive - a storage facility where data can be stored and retrieved, albeit not as quickly as normal, readily accessible storage systems..."

IT - Big Data
Converting Big Data Into Real-Time, Actionable Intelligence
Homeland Security News Wire, October 17th, 2019

Social media, cameras, sensors and more generate huge amounts of data that can overwhelm analysts sifting through it all for meaningful, actionable information to provide decision-makers such as political leaders and field commanders responding to security threats

"Researchers are working to lessen that burden by developing the science to gather insights from data in nearly real time.

Social media, cameras, sensors and more generate huge amounts of data that can overwhelm analysts sifting through it all for meaningful, actionable information to provide decision-makers such as political leaders and field commanders responding to security threats.

Sandia National Laboratories researchers are working to lessen that burden by developing the science to gather insights from data in nearly real time..."

How Big Data And AI Work Together
The Enterprisers Project, October 14th, 2019

How is artificial intelligence - and its prominent discipline, machine learning - helping deliver better business insights from big data?

"Let's examine some ways - and peek at what's next for AI and big data analysis...

Big data isn't quite the term de rigueur that it was a few years ago, but that doesn't mean it went anywhere. If anything, big data has just been getting bigger.

That once might have been considered a significant challenge. But now, it's increasingly viewed as a desired state, specifically in organizations that are experimenting with and implementing machine learning and other AI disciplines..."

The insideBIGDATA IMPACT 50 List for Q4 2019
insideBIGDATA, October 15th, 2019

The team here at insideBIGDATA is deeply entrenched in following the big data ecosystem of companies from around the globe

"We're in close contact with most of the firms making waves in the technology areas of big data, data science, machine learning, AI and deep learning. Our in-box is filled each day with new announcements, commentaries, and insights about what's driving the success of our industry so we're in a unique position to publish our quarterly IMPACT 50 List of the most important movers and shakers in our industry. These companies have proven their relevance by the way they're impacting the enterprise through leading edge products and services. We're happy to publish this evolving list of the industry's most impactful companies!..."

IT - Encryption
Essential Guide: Encryption
SearchSecurity, October 16th, 2019

Encryption is the method by which information is converted into secret code that hides the information's true meaning

"In computing, unencrypted data is also known as plaintext, and encrypted data is called ciphertext. The formulas used to encode and decode messages are called encryption algorithms or ciphers.

To be effective, a cipher includes a variable as part of the algorithm. The variable, which is called a key, is what makes a cipher's output unique. When an encrypted message is intercepted by an unauthorized entity, the intruder has to guess which cipher the sender used to encrypt the message, as well as what keys were used as variables. The time it takes to guess this information is what makes encryption such a valuable security tool..."

IT - Developer
5 Best Practices For Designing Effective Software Development Training
The Software Guild, October 14th, 2019

Technology evolves so quickly that skills gaps can sneak up on development teams

Although this presents an urgent need for training, companies shouldn't rush to implement stopgap solutions. After all, a shortsighted approach to talent development opens the door for new skills gaps to strike.

In this guide, you'll explore common oversights that prevent companies from designing training that delivers long-term results. Even better, you'll learn five best practices that can make your skills gap obsolete.

Big Data Skill Sets That Software Developers Will Need In 2020, October 14th, 2019

As the need for organizing Big Data continues to expand across multiple industries, software developers will be in high demand for several years

"From the tech industry to retail and finance, big data is encompassing the world as we know it. More organizations rely on big data to help with decision making and to analyze and explore future trends. For current and future software development companies that want to be knowledgeable about using data and analysis, a few big data skillsets will help give them leverage in the coming year. Whether they want a career as an app developer or data analyst, the skillsets below can help them find lucrative careers in a competitive job market.

Let's take a look at the skillsets developers need to have..."