Hope Is Not A (Security) Strategy
Security Boulevard, March 25th, 2021
April 4, 2021,
Volume 276, Issue 5

For anyone schooled in the sales discipline, this key tenet-hope is not a strategy-is at the core of consistent, predictable performance

"The book has been around for some time but it still resonates today. This same notion applies to security and risk management. All too often, security teams are reacting to the latest threat, struggling with maintaining policies on their security gateways and buried in alerts and access control issues.

Despite decades of investment in defense-in-depth strategies, many CISOs are hoping they won't be next. This is where isolation comes in. What if, rather than responding to attacks after the fact, businesses can prevent them from reaching workers in the first place? Not only is hope not a strategy, but it's bad for business. The 2020 IBM Data Breach Report put the cost of a breach at $3.86M in damages. Per breach. Seriously..."

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