Shifting Left: Davie Street Enterprises Implements Devsecops
Red Hat News, April 1st, 2021
April 1, 2021,
Volume 276, Issue 5

Davie Street Enterprises (DSE) continues its digital transformation journey. After transforming the culture, standardizing and automating the IT infrastructure, deploying a middleware strategy, and deploying its cloud strategy, DSE is beginning to shift towards DevOps

"This is where DSE can leverage the cultural changes implemented within its development and operations teams to release features faster than the competition, using container technology.

To launch DevOps into production, DSE is holding itself accountable for ensuring security is integrated into the culture and process. Security has been the top priority for DSE ever since its 2020 website outage, which involved a security breach among other factors. Security has now almost grinded DSE's traditional development cycles to a halt, so this transformation over to DevOps couldn't have come at a better time..."

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