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How To Pick A Linux Distribution For Non-Techies
Linux Journal, September 30th, 2021
I have suffered from distrohopping. Now that I have settled for the last two years, here are some tips to save your time.

Ujjwal Anand writes in Linux Journal, "All distros run the same operating system at their core, Linux. They are more similar than different. Hence, the marginal cost (time) of looking for a better distro is much more than the marginal benefit of it.

Say no to distributions made for specific purposes like Kali, CentOS, and OpenSuse. OpenSuse is great, but it is made for enterprise use. An everyday user won't ever need most of its features. To maintain it would be a waste of time. The same goes for the RedHat family..."

If you want a great Linux experience, we recommend getting a laptop that comes with a Linux OS pre-installed

"That way your laptop's hardware and drivers will work without a hitch," suggests Chris Hoffman in How-To Geek.

"Here are our recommendations to do just that.

You can buy nearly any laptop and install Linux on it. However, there's no guarantee that the laptop's hardware will work properly with Linux. If the right hardware drivers aren't available for the Linux OS you pick, some of the laptop's features won't work, or the laptop may just get worse battery life due to poor optimization...."

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