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Why Choose NAS Over Cloud Backup ?, June 10th, 2022
Despite the obvious reasons, many users still don't routinely backup their servers or computers, leading potentially devastating data loss events.

No matter what kind of files you are working with, backup is essential. While many prefer the convenience of cloud backup, it may not best suit your needs. After all, there are many benefits of local backup that cloud backup can't afford, which is why the using NAS as a backup solution may be a much better fit for your backup needs.

Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup

It is important to distinguish between cloud storage and cloud backup services. While both services store your data online, cloud storage is when you move data on your device into a cloud-connected folder so that it synchronizes with your cloud container, while cloud backup does not require that. Instead, a cloud backup agent application usually directly uploads your data to a cloud repository. This is an important distinction to make.

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