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As inflation rises across the globe, CIOs are strategizing ways to navigate rising prices for IT supplies, services, and talent by rethinking IT portfolios, reprioritizing IT spend, and honing business efficiencies.

Mary Pratt writes in CIO, "As CIO of an organization with a global reach, Bob Johnson keeps careful watch on the world's economic situation.

'Whenever there is an ill wind anywhere in the world, it affects us,' says Johnson, CIO of The American University of Paris.

It's not surprising then that he's already feeling the impact of inflation: With costs going up, Johnson says he's concerned his IT budget won't cover all the work it was meant to fund.

Euros just don't go as far as they once did, he says. Neither do dollars..."

IT leaders this year face hybrid work, inflation and the prospect for sustainability regulations, while they deal with perennial issues such as staff retention and cybersecurity.

"Technology leaders who encountered a tough slog in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19 aren't catching much of a break this year," opines John Moore in SearchCIO.

"Indeed, 2022 adds the tests of inflation, the back-to-the-office debate and geopolitical turmoil that exacerbates preexisting supply chain issues. Perennial concerns such as cybersecurity and the IT staffing shortage continue unabated. And the pandemic, now in its third year, complicates matters with regional flareups..."

Digital Transformation: 3 Ways It Changes Companies
The Enterprisers Project, June 9th, 2022
Companies that embrace a digital transformation mindset focus not on technology, but on how it can improve overall business success. Consider these examples

Anthony Macciola writes in The Enterprisers Project, "I've worked on intelligent automation projects with many organizations worldwide, and there is no doubt: The digital transformation process has a huge impact - not only by bringing about obvious initial change but also by affecting business leaders' outlook for the future.

One common result is they want more, expect more, and invest more. Here's why..."

The theme park giant faced an enormous challenge during Covid with its venues closed, but digital technology came to the rescue and is now opening up new opportunities

Mark Samuels reports in CIODIVE, "Lee Cowie, chief technology officer (CTO) at Merlin Entertainments, chats about technology leadership responsibilities in front of a giant picture of superhero Iron Man. It's a vivid reminder of the kind of company he works for and a visual clue to his feelings about his role.

'I get a real buzz from working on something that is relatable,' he says. 'That's what gets me out of bed each morning and that's why I took the role. It's like the ultimate job for me. I am a big kid at heart. I just love what we do. No day ever really feels like working for me.'..."

2022 CIO Priorities
CIODIVE, June 6th, 2022
Most chief information officers (CIOs) are prioritizing hybrid work and cybersecurity in 2022, with digital enablement the top area of focus overall.

CIOs traditionally oversee the IT department within the organization, but as businesses introduce more digital processes, the CIO role may be expanding. In 2022, CIOs have many challenges to face, whether that's the widely reported 'Great Resignation,' the enablement of hybrid work as some regions lift pandemic restrictions or the myriad cybersecurity threats.

Amid the need for multiple areas of focus, what are CIOs prioritizing in 2022? Gartner Peer Insights polls executives in real-time, taking a pulse on trends and sentiment.

Digital Transformation: How To Gain Organizational Buy-In
The Enterprisers Project, June 6th, 2022
Successful digital transformation requires adoption across your organization. Consider these 'people-focused' strategies to address issues that can slow your progress

"Three-quarters of digital transformation initiatives are stuck in 'pilot purgatory.' Why are so many projects unable to scale their digital systems at an enterprise level?" asks Chelsea Barnes in The Enterprisers Project.

"While technical boxes may be checked, organizational adoption - if and how employees welcome the change - is often ignored. Achieving genuine buy-in from people is a much more complex challenge than installing hardware or software. Go figure..."

Whether environment, social, and governance initiatives are written into your IT plan or not, they're going to play a major role. Now is the time to start strategizing.

"Corporate investors are increasingly applying non-financial criteria like environmental, social, and governance to their evaluation of companies," writes Mary E. Shacklett in SearchDisasterRecovery'

"It's not far-fetched to see that these elements will start turning up in future IT audits, either.

Although companies are not required by law to disclose ESG initiatives and results in their financial reports, more companies are disclosing their ESG activities in their annual reports because their investors are asking for it. In part, this new ESG focus has been driven by concerns about climate change, but there is also new-found investor interest in corporate workforce diversity initiatives and in how companies treat their human workforces, their customers, and their customer data..."

Agility and resiliency have become organizational essentials in rapidly changing and challenging times. Here is how to establish an IT organization built for long-term success.

"Tumultuous times redefine what constitutes success," notes Paul Heltzel in CIO. "The past few years in IT have exemplified this. Digital disruption, global pandemic, geopolitical crises, economic uncertainty - volatility has thrown into question time-honored beliefs about how best to lead IT.

Consider this moment as a call to reflect and reset - a chance to glean from your recent experiences what it will take to lead a successful IT organization over the next decade, one that will see technology increasingly at the center of every business, a vital catalyst for accelerating, and responding to, change..."

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