Defense In Depth - Definition & Relation To Layered Security Approach
Security Boulevard, June 6th, 2022
June 19, 2022,
Volume 291, Issue 3

As the use of technology increases in every aspect of our daily lives, the rate of cyber attacks also grows exponentially. In today's world, organisations need to be highly equipped in their defences against cyberattacks so that they may better protect their assets, and it is here that the defence in depth approach is adopted.

"What is a defence in depth strategy?" writes Harman Singh in Security Boulevard.

"Defence in depth is an approach in cybersecurity that relies on using a layered and redundant defensive mechanism to protect assets from cyber attacks. This is done so that if an attack occurs and security measures fail, or a vulnerability is exploited, there is a fail-safe or backup protection layer to stop further infiltration.

This model is similar to a medieval castle with solid defences. Just as a castle has strong walls, motes and portcullis to keep out intruders, a cyber security infrastructure should use multiple layers of protection to keep data safe from hackers..."

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