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Red Hat News
Red Hat Shares - Get Started With Cloud Services
In the last issue of Red Hat Shares, we introduced you to the basics of cloud services―what they are, what they do, who uses them and how they benefit organizations.
Now let's dig a little deeper and put the concept of cloud services into practice. (What better way to learn than to do, right?) In this issue, we'll explain how to use cloud, application and data services&#8213;as well as hosted tools&#8213;in our console, take you down a few cloud services-related learning paths, give you some tips when making cloud service provider choices and walk through how three companies have benefited from cloud services.
Red Hat News, June 29th, 2022
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Friday Five - July 1, 2022
The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.
  • Expanding U.S. healthcare travel benefits for access several healthcare services
  • CRN - Red Hat To Offer Pay-Per-Use OpenShift On HPE GreenLake
  • Red Hat Shares - Get started with cloud services
  • Red Hat Learning Community celebrates 100,000 members
  • Customer success stories: reducing costs and risks while increasing flexibility, scalability and productivity with Red Hat solutions and services

Read on for details

Red Hat News, July 1st, 2022
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Harvard Business Review Analytics Services Report - Digital Transformation Refocused: New Goals Require New Strategies
The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for many organizations in their digital transformations, leading companies to expedite technology initiatives, design dramatic changes to processes and reexamine culture and the role it plays in today's new business world.
As some organizations find success in their digital transformation strategies, they are able to provide additional bandwidth to their teams to focus on improving customer experience through the collection and analysis of data.

Successful digital transformation allows for mistakes, encourages transparency and supports open communication. If new initiatives fail, retrospectives need to be encouraged at both the team and organization level. A lack of institutionalized open communication strategies will prevent the organization from learning, evolving and gaining strength through these failures. It's important to celebrate success and learning and invest in the employees and partners of the organization.

Red Hat News, June 30th, 2022
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How Is Red Hat Addressing The Demand To Develop Offerings More Securely?
The IT industry not only looked very different 20 years ago, product security looked very different as well.
Open source software wasn't mainstream and the majority of vendors had full control and secrecy over their product code.

Today, however, almost every software vendor contributes to and incorporates open source software within their product or managed service (herein called "offerings"), but does this impact the security of these offerings? In particular, what is Red Hat doing to demonstrate that our offerings are developed in a secure manner and provide trustworthy solutions? Red Hat, like other software vendors, continues to monitor and participate in developing solutions which meet emerging market requirements, customer demand and ongoing cybersecurity requirements issued by governments around the world.

Red Hat News, July 1st, 2022
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The Experience Of Bringing Openssl 3.0 Into Red Hat Enterprise Linux And Fedora
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (RHEL 9) ships with OpenSSL 3.0, a core operating system (OS) library that has been in the making for quite a while. This was a long and involved process for a variety of reasons.
What's the big deal, why wasn't this just a normal package update? The previous major stable version was OpenSSL 1.1 and there is no 2.0 in the middle. The OpenSSL team decided to make an explicit jump in numbering to highlight that this new version included major structural, and more importantly, application programming interface (API) and application binary interface (ABI) changes compared to previous OpenSSL versions.

These changes affect applications that use the library in direct ways, sometimes by breaking compilation, and often in subtle ways by changing how the library behaves in some situations.

Red Hat News, June 27th, 2022
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IT News - CxO
3 CIOs-Turned-Board-Members On Raising Your Leadership Profile
Julie Cullivan, Wayne Shurts and Carol Zierhoffer share leadership insights from the other side of the table.
Dan Robert writes in CIO, "Boards today are adding CIOs and CDOs to increase their digital savvy - and for good reason: Digitally savvy boards significantly outperform others on key metrics. But getting there, and being a differentiator once you're there, requires CIOs to stretch their skills.

On a recent episode of the Tech Whisperers podcast, I sat down with three remarkable C-level leaders who are currently serving on boards of directors-Julie Cullivan, who's held CIO-plus roles at Forescout and FireEye; Wayne Shurts, who's served as CIO & CTO of Sysco Foods, Supervalu, Cadburys Schweppes and Nabisco; and Carol Zierhoffer, known for her C-level leadership work at Bechtel, Xerox, ITT, Northrop Grumman and others-to discuss the CIO's journey to the boardroom. After the podcast, we drilled down into the specific leadership lessons these three executives have learned in the boardroom that today's CIOs and IT leaders can leverage..."

CIO, June 23rd, 2022
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7 IT Governance Mistakes - And How To Avoid Them
IT governance can be a minefield for the unwary. Don't let these common errors damage your organization - and your career.
John Edwards writes in CIO, "Everybody makes mistakes, but when a CIO messes up, the consequences can be devastating to the instigator, as well as the entire IT department and enterprise.

IT governance should be well-defined, clearly understood, and led by principles that reflect your organization's mission, vision, and strategy, advises Donna Bales, principal research director at Info-Tech Research Group. 'Good governance should delegate and empower individuals to deliver to defined outcomes that support organizational direction.'..."

CIO, June 21st, 2022
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4 Ways Digital Transformation Has Changed How Business Is Done
From enabling virtual hiring to improving the customer experience, digital transformation has inexorably changed how companies do business. Here are four examples,,,
"Digital transformation is no longer an option; it's a necessity - especially for global companies," opines Vikas Gupta in The Enterprisers Project. "Understanding how digital transformation has changed companies both culturally and technologically is allowing business leaders to reevaluate their current processes and implement more digital and virtual operations across HR, product development, marketing, sales, and customer experience.

Here are four things that digital transformation has forever changed about the way companies operate..."

The Enterprisers Project, June 22nd, 2022
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3 E's Of Effective Leadership
How have you changed as a leader over the past couple of years? Consider these three key leadership tenets and how you might apply them to become a stronger, more effective leader
"Almost two years ago," writes Megan Jones in The Enterprisers Project, "I shared what I learned about leadership from my experience in a leadership development program. The takeaway? In order to be a strong leader, especially in times of crisis, it's imperative to be vulnerable and create a psychologically safe environment for your team.

I was reflecting recently on my leadership style and how it may have changed over the past two years. In some ways, I am the same person, the same colleague, and the same leader. In other ways, I have evolved and adjusted my style to fit the new ways that we engage and work together..."

Three distinct words came to me during this reflection time (and I do love alliteration!). These three words represent what I think is most important in effective leadership today, maybe more so than ever.

The Enterprisers Project, June 23rd, 2022
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5 Factors Reshaping The Role Of The CIO In 2022
The role of the CIO in 2022 is being shaped by a constellation of new technologies and the business's burning need to use them for competitive advantage.
"The digital-first world that has emerged in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the role of CIOs," writes Mary K. Pratt in SearchCIO.

"For Susan Snedaker, CIO at El Rio Health, a nonprofit health provider based in Tucson, Ariz., showing the business what's possible and how to achieve its goals through technology has become the cornerstone of the CIO role today.

"The CIO's role has moved from collaborative partner to strategic leader," Snedaker said, adding that there are fewer and fewer business initiatives that don't have technology at the center of the discussion. Having a strategic business thinker as the organization's top technology officer is imperative in 2022.

She sees CIOs driving business transformation through digitizing repetitive, internal-facing operational tasks and by developing innovative digital business initiatives. "The first is table stakes, the second is the source of competitive advantage," she said..."

SearchCIO, June 21st, 2022
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Conquering 'Shadow IT': How Enterprises Are Trying To Tame The Cloud Software Beast
Like many companies, high-performance sporting equipment maker Catapult Sports Pty Ltd. used to give its employees wide latitude to choose their own software-as-a-service applications.
"But," writes Paul Gillin in SiliconANGLE , "as its information technology department prepared a campaign to achieve compliance with a key security standard, its lack of visibility into the services employees was using became a liability.

'There was a lot of shadow IT,' said Kimberly Wood, vice president of information technology and chief information security officer, referring to technology spending that is not under the jurisdiction of the IT organization. 'We didn't have any visibility into what software was out there. We wanted to control spending, standardize the usage and limit what was used.'..."

After evaluating several SaaS management platforms, Catapult Sports settled on technology from Zluri Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The software connects directly to SaaS applications via application programming interfaces and pulls out information about who is using them, how much they're spending and whether there are any potential regulatory conflicts.

SiliconANGLE , June 22nd, 2022
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CIOs Must Streamline IT To Focus On Agility
Chief information officers' focus should move to promoting a culture of agile thinking within IT and putting the priority on product-oriented projects.
"Speed and agility are key components of two central business challenges organizations face today: change and innovation," opines Nathan Eddy in InformationWeek.

"Meanwhile, there is an intensifying need to deliver continuous value, which has led to more and more pressure for overhauling IT for speed and agility. By responding quickly to these changes, chief information officers will be better able to adapt, with technology serving as a core element of the adaptation process.

Ultimately, streamlining has the potential to improve employee performance by removing barriers and allowing teams to self-serve both within and outside IT with focus on outcomes. This means CIOs need to embrace Agile methodologies and bring everyone on board as a first step, which requires upscaling IT teams and engaging the business..."

InformationWeek, June 21st, 2022
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IT Leadership: 3 Ways CIOs Prevent Burnout
When it comes to burnout, you can't help others until you help yourself. Learn how leading CIOs protect themselves from burnout and set a good example for their teams
Carla Rudder writes in The Enterprisers Project, "Fighting employee burnout is a key priority for CIOs, especially as teams deal with the ongoing impact of the pandemic and embrace new hybrid ways of working. But IT leaders are not immune to the impacts of burnout. In order to truly help their employees manage work stress and find work-life balance, leaders have to start with themselves.

We asked CIOs who recently won the 2022 Houston CIO of the Year ORBIE Awards how they personally protect themselves from burnout. Read their responses for advice on how to maintain a healthy work-life blend while continually finding inspiration at work..."

The Enterprisers Project, June 23rd, 2022
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IT News - Storage
Global File Systems: Hybrid Cloud And Follow-The-Sun Access
We look at global distributed file systems that put enterprise data under a single file access namespace so that enterprises and branch offices can get to data from anywhere
"Managing data storage is ever more complex," opines Stephen Pritchard in ComputerWeekly.

"IT teams have to wrestle with local, direct-attached storage, storage area networks, network attached storage and cloud storage volumes.

They might be deploying hyper-converged systems, or using on-premise implementations of cloud storage technology. And they are likely to have several, incompatible storage protocols at work, especially for unstructured data.

And all of this is happening as the business is demanding more from its data.

This is driving growing interest in global file systems, sometimes also known as distributed file systems..."

ComputerWeekly, June 23rd, 2022
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QLC vs. TLC SSDs: Which is best for your storage needs?
QLC flash memory is best for most read-intensive workloads, while TLC is suited to write-dominant workloads. Discover how QLC vs. TLC NAND are coexisting in the data center.
IT professionals tend to see the march of technology as monotonic and progressive -- always moving in one direction toward greater improvement, however that's measured. The impression is generally valid: No one makes picture tube TVs, rotary landline phones or cassette recorders anymore because there's no market for them, given the vastly superior replacement technologies.

However, sometimes, there's room for multiple generations of the same underlying technology because of secondary differences, like performance, reliability, durability, life span and cost. Such is the case with NAND flash memory, where the progression from single-level cell (SLC) to multi-level cell (MLC), triple-level cell (TLC) and, now, quad-level cell (QLC) storage technology has left enough performance gaps between them to allow space for the different forms of NAND flash in the modern data center.

SearchStorage, June 23rd, 2022
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Data Archiving: It Doesn't Have To Be On Tape
Long-term data storage can be done in the cloud, on disk drives, and optical disks, but each has some drawbacks.
"Long-term storage-archiving-requires a very different approach than backup and recovery where throughput and deduplication are the main concerns," notes W. Curtis Preston in Networkworld.

"Archiving calls for storing data for long periods without becoming corrupted, so when it is retrieved, it is exactly what got stored 10 or 20 years ago.

For most organizations that reach a certain size, standardized linear tape open (LTO) magnetic tape is the best choice. But for those that cannot justify the cost or believe tape is a thing of the past, there are three viable alternatives: object storage in the cloud, on-premises disk storage, and optical media..."

Networkworld, June 20th, 2022
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IT News - AI
Python For Machine Learning: A Tutorial
Python has become the most popular data science and machine learning programming language.
Kihara Kimachia writes in IT Business Edge, "But in order to obtain effective data and results, it's important that you have a basic understanding of how it works with machine learning.

In this introductory tutorial, you'll learn the basics of Python for machine learning, including different model types and the steps to take to ensure you obtain quality data, using a sample machine learning problem. In addition, you'll get to know some of the most popular libraries and tools for machine learning..."

IT Business Edge, June 20th, 2022
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Integrating Edge AI
Integrating edge artificial intelligence (AI) is not a simple process. Early forms of artificial intelligence relied on the computer power of data centers to perform their processor-demanding tasks.
"After some time," writes Keith D. Foote in Dataversity, "AI shifted into software, using predictive algorithms that changed how these systems support businesses. AI has now moved to the outer edges of networks.

Artificial intelligence at the edge exists when local 'edge' devices process AI algorithms instead of being processed in the cloud.

AI at the edge is reducing the restrictions and limitations of applications using deep neural networks. To operate efficiently, edge AI applications should have high-speed and low-power processing, and include advanced integrations designed specifically for the tasks needing to be accomplished..."

Dataversity, June 23rd, 2022
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Is Synthetic Data The Future Of AI?
Synthetic data is often treated as a lower-quality substitute and used when real data is inconvenient to get, expensive or constrained by regulation.
Q&A with Alexander Linden

"However, this reaction misses the true potential of synthetic data. Gartner estimates that by 2030, synthetic data will completely overshadow real data in AI models.

Gartner analysts will discuss use cases and the prospect of synthetic data at upcoming Gartner Data & Analytics Summits, taking place regionally from August through November.

We caught up with Alexander Linden, VP Analyst at Gartner, to understand the promise of synthetic data and why it is paramount for the future of AI. Members of the media who would like to attend the upcoming conferences and/or speak with Alexander can contact Laurence Goasduff..."

Gartner, June 22nd, 2022
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Gartner Says 4 Actions Drive Finance AI Success
Getting AI Right in Finance Isn't Just About Investing the Most Time or Money
Four implementation behaviors are the most important in quickly delivering finance artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives that meet or exceed the expected impact and deliver critical finance and business outcomes, according to Gartner, Inc.

'The use of AI in finance departments is still nascent with the majority only having begun in the last two years,' said Jacob Joseph-David, director, research in the Gartner Finance practice. 'The majority also fail to quickly realize the anticipated returns from such projects.'

Gartner, June 22nd, 2022
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IT News - HR
There's A Better Way To Make Strong IT Hires
You don't hire based on traditional roles. Instead, ask candidates the problem the business wants to solve.
Allison Todd writes in InformationWeek, "The labor shortage is alive and well in the US. In November 2021 alone, the US saw 4.5 million workers leave their jobs and 6.8 million job openings.

This creates a bigger problem in the IT sector. According to a report from Gartner, 58% of IT leaders plan to increase emerging technology investments. Digital transformation requires qualified IT talent, however, which is in short supply.

Based on the same survey, leaders believe the shortage of talent is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of 64% of the tech they'd like to adopt. This demand comes during a significant talent shortage..."

InformationWeek, June 22nd, 2022
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IT News - Operations
A Site Reliability Engineer's Guide To Change Management
The three core tenets of effective change management for SREs are progressive rollouts, monitoring, and safe and fast rollbacks.
Robert Kimani writes in, "In my previous article, I wrote about incident management (IM), an important component of site reliability engineering. In this article, I focus on change management (CM). Why is there a need to manage change? Why not simply just have a free-for-all where anyone can make a change at any time?

There are three tenets of effective CM. This gives you a forecast framework for your CM strategy:...", June 22nd, 2022
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IT News - Security
7 Steps To Stronger SaaS Security
Continuous monitoring is key to keeping up with software-as-a-service changes, but that's not all you'll need to get better visibility into your SaaS security.
"When the White House warned all businesses to be on high alert for cyberattacks earlier this year," notes John Whelan in DARK Reading, "it was a wake-up call for many. While these kinds of warnings are often directed at government agencies or even critical infrastructure companies, a blanket warning is unusual.

All organizations should take this warning as an opportunity to review and, if needed, improve their security. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) application security is often a blind spot, so give your SaaS ecosystem some extra attention. SaaS is ubiquitous, highly configurable, and continuously updated, leaving many organizations vulnerable if they aren't closely monitoring for security gaps and changes..."

DARK Reading, June 24th, 2022
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5 Social Engineering Assumptions That Are Wrong
Cybercriminals continue to launch creative social engineering attacks to trick users. Meanwhile, social engineering misconceptions are exacerbating the risks of falling victim.
"Social engineering is involved in the vast majority of cyberattacks," warns Michael Hill in CSO Online, "but a new report from Proofpoint has revealed five common social engineering assumptions that are not only wrong but are repeatedly subverted by malicious actors in their attacks.

Commenting on the report's findings, Sherrod DeGrippo, Proofpoint's vice president threat research and detection, stated that the vendor has attempted to debunk faulty assumptions made by organizations and security teams so they can better protect employees against cybercrime. 'Despite defenders' best efforts, cybercriminals continue to defraud, extort and ransom companies for billions of dollars annually. Security-focused decision makers have prioritized bolstering defenses around physical and cloud-based infrastructure, which has led to human beings becoming the most relied upon entry point for compromise. As a result, a wide array of content and techniques continue to be developed to exploit human behaviors and interests.'..."

CSO Online, June 24th, 2022
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9 Cybersecurity Challenges Companies Must Tackle Now
Last year, cybercrimes were fueled by the COVID19 pandemic after the sudden shift to work from home and hybrid working culture.
As more workers started working from home and preferred to work remotely, businesses became more vulnerable to ransomware attacks. In the coming years we can expect more of the same and much more devastating cyberattacks to keep an eye on.

Most of these attacks are intended toward the most crucial asset of businesses: data. The new wave of cyberthreats made it mandatory for organizations to set up an effective cybersecurity strategy to survive and thrive in this vulnerable environment.

This blog post will discuss the top cybersecurity challenges companies will face now and in the future.

Security Boulevard, June 20th, 2022
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Complete Guide To Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds
Cyber Threat Intelligence 'CTI' Feeds - The devil is in the details
Whether your firm is looking for a cybersecurity vendor to meet your needs or your employees are undergoing a training program, it is important to understand how cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds form the backbone of a cybersecurity action plan. So what are these threat intelligence feeds? Before that, let us understand what 'threat intelligence' is. In layman's terms, threat intelligence can be defined as any data that helps in a better understanding of the cyber landscape and various threats associated with it.
Security Boulevard, June 21st, 2022
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7 Enterprise Patch Management Best Practices
It might not be the most exciting responsibility, but the value of a well-executed patch management strategy can't be denied. Use these best practices to build a smooth process.
Andrew Froehlich writes in SearchSecurity, "Enterprise patch management requires the right balance of preparation, speed and agility. Without the proper processes and tools at the ready, patch updates can quickly fall behind. And failing to stay on top of patching can result in unnecessary exposure to security breaches or inoperable systems, applications and services.

These days, there are more endpoints than ever to keep an eye on, from applications and servers to infrastructure and IoT devices, and data breaches can lead to theft or loss of sensitive information. Additionally, if those systems are left exposed, the chances of service disruptions escalate significantly, and the business might not be able to properly serve its customer base..."

SearchSecurity, June 20th, 2022
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How The Cloud Upended Security - And How Encryption Helps Restore It
Data is everywhere and anywhere, and as a result, data management is out of control
Tilo Weigandt writes in Cyber Defense Magazine, "Once a user or customer has signed up for a service or purchased a product, they usually have no idea about where their data is being stored, with whom it is shared or how it is secured. The adoption of cloud services - while very beneficial in many ways - have made it nearly impossible for companies to have 100% control and knowledge about what is happening to data, where and at what time. The situation is even fuzzier in places where data is being stored and processed in several countries.

Data protection regulations like GDPR apply to companies based in the European Union - or companies doing business in these countries - but ambiguity persists. Companies need to take back control of data, and encryption can play a role in this..."

Cyber Defense Magazine, June 23rd, 2022
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5 Key Security Technologies For Work From Anywhere
Over the last few months, it's become apparent that a fair amount of employees aren't ever returning to the office full time. Some may continue to work from home full time, but some may come into the office a couple of days a week.
Peter Newton writes in CSO Online, "Hybrid work is the new norm, but to successfully adopt this type of flexible work arrangement, organizations need to extend security to employees no matter where they're working. The work-from-anywhere (WFA) model presents security risks, so it's critical for organizations to provide enterprise-level security everywhere employees work, whether they are at home, in the office, or on the road. The following five key technologies keep employees productive and secure wherever they happen to be working..."
CSO Online, June 22nd, 2022
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IT News - FOSS
7 Summer Book Recommendations From Open Source Enthusiasts
Members of the community recommend this mix of books covering everything from a fun cozy mystery to non-fiction works that explore thought-provoking topics.
Joshua Allen Holm writes in, "It is my great pleasure to introduce's 2022 summer reading list. This year's list contains seven wonderful reading recommendations from members of the community. You will find a nice mix of books covering everything from a fun cozy mystery to non-fiction works that explore thought-provoking topics. I hope you find something on this list that interests you...", June 21st, 2022
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IT News - HPC
Jupiter Supercomputer's Storage Innards
Jupiter, Europe's first exascale supercomputer, looks like it could be using NVMe SSDs, disk, IBM's Spectrum Scale parallel file system, TSM backup, and LTO tape for its storage infrastructure.
Chris Mellor writes in Blocks & Files, "Jupiter stands for 'Joint Undertaking Pioneer for Innovative and Transformative Exascale Research'.

Dr Thomas Eickermann, head of the communications system division at the Julich Supercomputing Centre (JSC), told B&F: 'The details of the storage configuration are not yet fixed and will be determined during the procurement of the exascale system..."

Blocks & Files, June 21st, 2022
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IT News - Cloud
Ways To Master Cloud Computing
Gartner forecasts that the cloud services industry will grow exponentially through 2022.
This certainly is an opportunity for professionals who would like to propel their career in cloud computing. With this exponential growth, organizations need qualified professionals to manage the cloud.

The question that arises is, why is there a sudden need for cloud professionals, and what opportunities exist for those who are willing to gain the needed knowledge and credentials. Cloud computing has largely eradicated working with physical servers today. Many organizations have migrated to cloud computing, offering more flexibility for employees to work remotely and providing professionals with cloud computing knowledge and several avenues for career growth., June 21st, 2022
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Cloud Consultants: 4 Questions To Ask About Your Strategy
CIOs and ITDMs, ask these questions about how and why your org uses third-party consultants to plan hybrid cloud strategy and roll out change
Kevin Casey writes in The Enterprisers Project, "In the classic corporate satire Office Space, 'the Bobs' - two management consultants brought in to trim the fat from fictional software company Initech - pepper a beleaguered 'engineer liaison' with questions about his (apparently minimal) job duties before getting to the punchline: 'What would you say . you do here?'

It's a great bit, but in a real-life IT shop the script should be flipped: It's you who needs to ask the consultants about what they do - and ideally not months (or years) after you've engaged with them..."

The Enterprisers Project, June 21st, 2022
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How Is Edge Computing Transforming World?
In an interaction with CXOToday, Mr. Somenath Nag, VP - Marketing & Corporate Strategy, Calsoft discusses more about the Edge computing
Q1. What is Edge computing and why it is important?

Edge Computing processes move computational capabilities closer to the location where the data originates. This distributed computing model uses different components to process the data in real-time, including devices such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices or sensors to collect data, and edge Data Centre (DC) infrastructure for networking, storage, and computing., June 24th, 2022
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IT News - DR
Why Automation Is A Must Have For Disaster Recovery
We have seen a spate of cloud service provider outages with overly negative economic impact.
Prakash Sinha writes in Security Boulevard, "The AWS outage in December 2021 disrupted Disney+, Ticketmaster, Slack and Netflix, among a host of others. The Facebook (now Meta) outage in October 2021 was particularly painful. It not only took down WhatsApp and Messenger, but also the livelihood of many small businesses in the developing world. Their services were down for almost six hours because of their dependency on Facebook as an authentication service and WhatsApp and Messenger for order-taking services.

The single culprit responsible for these outages? Service misconfiguration driven by human error. In fact, most misconfigurations are introduced through inadvertent human mistakes. Yet others can be the result of natural disasters. Regardless of the cause, the solution to recovery from such outages and business disasters is automating with the right actions..."

Security Boulevard, June 23rd, 2022
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IT News - Networks
Global 5G Subscriptions To Exceed 1B By End-2022: Ericsson
Number of 5G mobile subscriptions is expected to hit 1 billion worldwide by year-end, with North East Asia and North America clocking 19% and 28% penetration rate, respectively, in 2021.
Eileen Yu, Contributor writes in ZDNet, "The number of 5G mobile subscriptions is expected to hit 1 billion worldwide by year-end, as telcos continue to build out their networks. North East Asia and North America lead the way clocking a penetration rate of 19% and 28%, respectively, last year.

More than 20 service providers launched 5G standalone networks last year, with twice the number expected to follow suit in 2022, according to Ericsson's latest mobility report..."

ZDNet, June 21st, 2022
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IT News - Email
Email Security Threats Are On The Rise Once More - Are You Protected?
Phishing and malware distribution on the rise, Trend Micro warns
The number of security threats coming through email is growing once again, according to new research from Trend Micro.

The company's latest report, based on data from products that supplement native protection along with platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, says more than 33.6 million blocked cloud email threats were blocked in 2021 - a 101% increase compared to the previous year.

Last year, the biggest surge was observed for emails carrying previously unidentified malware - 221%. Among known malware, email security services blocked 3.3 million malicious files, 134% more compared to 2020. For phishing, 16.5 million attacks were blocked, representing a 138% increase year-on-year. Credential phishing attacks rose 15%, to 6.3 million instances., June 23rd, 2022
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5 Tips To Thwart Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks
There's been an astounding 84% increase in business email compromise (BEC) attacks, according to the latest NordLocker Email Threat Report, which compared half-yearly statistics.
The news should be particularly alarming to organizations that use email services as their main means of internal communication or correspondence with their partners and clients.

'Today, cybercriminals use highly sophisticated strategies to trick their victims into revealing sensitive information, sending money, or even giving access to their employer's computer systems,' said Oliver Noble, a cybersecurity expert at NordLocker, an encrypted cloud storage service provider. 'One of the most dangerous cybersecurity threats to a business is social engineering, which occurs when hackers exploit human psychology to gain benefit. Unfortunately, human error remains the most common reason for cybersecurity breaches.'

Security Boulevard, June 21st, 2022
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