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Red Hat News
A Hackathon For Accessible Technologies
Developing new solutions that make everyday life easier for blind and visually impaired people: That was the goal of the hackathon organised by the Swiss Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired and Red Hat
At the event, blind, visually impaired and sighted technology professionals worked together intensively on various projects - from obstacle detection to automatically determining the expiry date of products in the supermarket.

The Swiss Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (SBV), in collaboration with technology partner Red Hat and sponsors VSHN and Tech Data, organised a hackathon for blind, visually impaired and sighted people. Around 30 programmers and IT professionals met at the Sheraton Hotel in Zurich and worked together on useful solutions that support blind and visually impaired people in their everyday lives.

Red Hat News, July 19th, 2022
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Explore Flexible Training Offerings With Red Hat
As IT teams around the world strive to keep their applications modern and their processes running smoothly, many organizations are still solidifying what the future of their workplace will look like
The shift toward remote work is no longer isolated to the tech industry and companies of all sizes and domains are making decisions that impact the experience of their employees.

Whether an organization chooses to welcome employees back in the office, allow full-time remote work, or somewhere in between, it is critical to ensure that your teams have the tools and training that they need to succeed and contribute toward the overall success of your business.

Red Hat News, July 20th, 2022
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Friday Five - July 22, 2022
The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.
  • Explore flexible training offerings with Red Hat
  • Security Detail: The S in IoT stands for security
  • Axios Raleigh - Red Hat's new CEO eyes future growth in cars and edge computing
  • Are Big Mistakes That Big Of A Deal?
  • Enterprise Storage Forum - Red Hat OpenShift Review

Read on for details

Red Hat News, July 22nd, 2022
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Modernization: Making A Business Case
In the previous articles we discussed how to assess, from a high level, whether a modernization effort made sense in your enterprise.
We also covered the attributes a successful modernization team should have, and some team characteristics that might cause problems. At this point you might be thinking that starting a modernization project is a no-brainer. However, there is still one more bridge you need to cross.

Modernization requires funding

Every IT operation in an enterprise requires funding. Generally, business units provide this funding.

Red Hat News, July 22nd, 2022
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IBM News
IBM Releases Second Quarter Results
IBM Growth Across Key Segments Led by Hybrid Cloud Adoption; Solid Cash and Profit Generation
IBM announced second-quarter 2022 earnings results.

"In the quarter we delivered good revenue performance with balanced growth across our geographies, driven by client demand for our hybrid cloud and AI offerings. The IBM team executed our strategy well," said Arvind Krishna, IBM chairman and chief executive officer. "With our first half results, we continue to expect full-year revenue growth at the high end of our mid-single digit model."

IBM News, July 18th, 2022
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The Virtual Enterprise: Building A More Connected, Expansive Business
The last two years demonstrated the power of exponential technologies like AI, automation and the hybrid cloud to accelerate digital transformation, as companies looked to better serve their customers and find new sources of value emerging from the pandemic
Today, new imperatives, such as sustainability and security, are top of mind for business leaders, while at the same time these leaders must address new geopolitical and market challenges that are impacting their supply chains, talent, and costs.

As I speak with clients around the world about their post-COVID strategies, we're getting a glimpse of the kinds of organizations that are more likely to succeed over the next decade. Successful business leaders are embracing what we refer to as the virtual enterprise - a new destination for modern business where advanced digitalization, platforms and partnerships are the essential blueprint of competitive advantage. The virtual enterprise features the following approaches:

IBM News, July 20th, 2022
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IT News - CxO
4 Examples Of Successful IT Leadership
What makes an effective IT leader? Those who focus on these key tenets will likely come out on top
"IT departments have critical responsibilities in organizations," writes Vikas Gupta in The Enterprisers Project, "but the full scope of their role is often misunderstood. As digital transformation continues to be a priority in nearly all organizations, IT leaders must reevaluate what success looks like and how it can be achieved.

The C-suite should empower IT leaders to implement essential technology throughout their organizations in a way that is strategic, cost-effective, and serves employees and customers. Understanding how IT teams can have an impact across an organization is a good first step to begin executing effective technology acquisition strategies..."

The Enterprisers Project, July 11th, 2022
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5 Data Privacy Imperatives For Enterprise Leaders
Enterprise leaders have been under constant pressure to sustain business and explore new opportunities for growth due to the disruptive nature of digital natives that survived through the dot-com bubble and are thriving.
Deepak Gupta writes in VentureBeat, "And then, the digital landscape snowballed, followed by a pandemic that disrupted the way the world works. These events mostly favored the digital natives that thrive with technology to become dominant players in their segment.

While enterprise leaders worked through the pandemic, the ongoing geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe have had surprising effects on the world economy which, before the conflict, seemed to be recovering well from the pandemic's impact..."

VentureBeat, July 16th, 2022
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9 CIOs Share The Tips That Shaped Their Leadership Style
Leadership is a skill that must be developed and refined. CIOs share the leadership advice that has inspired them most throughout their careers
"It takes more than a promotion or job title to make a great leader," opines Carla Rudder in The Enterprisers Project. "The best are those who constantly strive to improve their leadership skills - and who are thoughtful in their words, actions, and how they show up for their people every day.

Recently, finalists in the 2022 National CIO of the Year ORBIE Awards each shared a piece of advice they had collected over their careers. We've rounded up the 9 best quotes on leadership below. Read on, or download the complete quote book for advice on leadership, soft skills, career development, strategy, and more..."

The Enterprisers Project, July 14th, 2022
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Deep Learning vs Machine Learning: How Are They Different?
Machine learning and deep learning are techniques often mentioned in the same breath, but there are some important differences between the two.
Aminu Abdullahi writes in CIOinsight, "In many cases, organizations use both deep learning and machine learning together to become more efficient, productive, and innovative. However, it's still important to understand the differences between these technologies so you can know when to use each one.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on systems that can learn and change when exposed to new data without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning makes it possible for machines to find patterns in large data sets and then use those patterns to make predictions about new data. It is based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention..."

CIOinsight, July 13th, 2022
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Gartner Worldwide IT Spend Forecast Dips As Economy Quakes
CIOs plan to continue spending - though at a slower pace than in 2021, the analyst firm said.
Roberto Torres reports in CIODIVE, "Worldwide IT spend will grow less this year than previously expected, Gartner forecast Thursday, dropping 2022's year-over-year spending growth projections from 5% to 3%. IT spending is expected to reach $4.5 trillion this year, the analyst firm said.

Inflation concerns aside, CIOs plan to continue spending - though at a much slower pace than in 2021, according to the research firm. A slowdown in device spending drove this contraction.

With a tight labor market for tech skills, executives are increasing their spending on outsourced service firms, according to John-David Lovelock, distinguished research VP at Gartner. 'Critical strategy work, which requires high-end skills unobtainable by many enterprises, will increasingly be fulfilled by external consultants,' he said in a statement..."

CIODIVE, July 14th, 2022
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How CIOs Can Respond To Talent Challenges In 2022
A creative, human-centric and agile approach can help organizations overcome skills shortages, and shift the focus to digital business goals in 2022 and beyond.
Andy Rowsell-Jones writes in CIODIVE, "In a recent Gartner poll, CIOs identified talent as their top challenge in 2022, with 60% of respondents placing it among their top three concerns. This is no surprise: a record number of people have quit their jobs for better pay and better work-life balance, and IT staff are more likely to quit their jobs than in any other function...."
CIODIVE, July 15th, 2022
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Tips For CIOs In The Digital Age
Here are the 4 steps to altering your approach as a CIO for healthcare digital transformation.
"Altering your approach as a CIO is critical in leading digital transformation within healthcare organizations," writes David Chou in CIO. "The goal of healthcare digital transformation is to achieve clinical, financial, and operational strategic goals, but this journey is complex and requires the mobilization of technology, resources, processes, and talent.

Every aspect of what healthcare organizations do is affected by digital transformation - from enhancing the patient experience to making data-driven decisions and automating processes. With so much at stake, the CIO cannot go it alone..."

CIO, July 11th, 2022
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IT News - Storage
8 Enterprise Storage Trends To Watch
Advanced storage technologies, including DNA storage and immutable backups, are on the horizon, but some are further from mainstream adoption than others.
John Edwards writes in Networkworld, "The data storage industry is experiencing a major transformation driven by multiple factors, including the need for security, speed, efficiency, and lower costs. IT research firm Gartner recently predicted 23-times growth in shipped petabytes through 2030, a trajectory that promises to radically reshape and redefine current data center and IT operations. To stay on top of the storage game, keep a close eye on these eight trends..."
Networkworld, July 14th, 2022
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Data Classification
Data classification is the process of organizing data into categories that make it easy to retrieve, sort and store for future use.
A well-planned data classification system makes essential data easy to find and retrieve. This can be of particular importance for risk management, legal discovery and regulatory compliance.

Written procedures and guidelines for data classification policies should define what categories and criteria the organization will use to classify data. They also specify the roles and responsibilities of employees within the organization regarding data stewardship.

Once a data classification scheme is created, security standards should be identified that specify appropriate handling practices for each category. Storage standards that define the data's lifecycle requirements must be addressed, as well.

SearchDataManagement, July 12th, 2022
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Recap Of 44th IT Press Tour
Technologies of 9 participants
The recent 44th edition was the opportunity for journalists to visit 9 companies - iXsystems, Lightbits Labs, Liqid, Nasuni, Quantum, Spectra Logic, Veritas, Vast Data and Weka - covering data management, cloud, NVMe, file storage, composable environments, primary and secondary storage, tape and open source., July 11th, 2022
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Zettabyte Era Brings Archiving Front And Center
Veteran storage analyst Fred Moore told a Fujifilm event audience that we're entering a zettabyte era of data storage and archival storage will be the dominant technology by capacity.
Chris Mellor writes in Blocks&Files, "The four-day Fujifilm 12th Annual Global IT Executive Summit took place in San Diego, June 22-25 and Moore, the president of Horison Information Strategies, presented there. He said that, by 2025, a projected 175ZB of data will be created, with ~11.7ZB actually stored. As an illustration, 1ZB - 1x1021 bytes, or a sextillion - would fill 55.36 million LTO-9 (18TB) cartridges or 50 million 20TB HDDs..."
Blocks&Files, July 11th, 2022
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IT News - AI
Intel Releases Open Source AI Reference Kits
Intel has released the first set of open source AI reference kits specifically designed to make AI more accessible to organizations in on-prem, cloud and edge environments.
First introduced at Intel Vision, the reference kits include AI model code, end-to-end machine learning pipeline instructions, libraries and Intel oneAPI components for cross-architecture performance. These kits enable data scientists and developers to learn how to deploy AI faster and more easily across healthcare, manufacturing, retail and other industries with higher accuracy, better performance and lower total cost of implementation.
HPCWire, July 13th, 2022
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The Top 3 AI Myths In Cybersecurity
AI ought to be a tool to that aids cybersecurity teams working to catch malicious actors. However, a Devo commissioned Wakefield Research report found there's still work to be done.
Whether it's in novels, or the movies based on them, artificial intelligence has been a subject of fascination for decades. The synthetic humans envisioned by Philip K. Dick remain (fortunately) the stuff of science fiction, artificial intelligence is real and playing an increasingly large role in many aspects of our lives.

While it's fun to root against (or maybe for) human-like robots with AI brains, a much more mundane, but equally powerful form of AI is starting to play a role in cybersecurity.

CSO Online, July 11th, 2022
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IT News - Humor
Watch A Raid Rebuild Or Go To A Christmas Party? Tough Choice
That time Exchange said 'it's a fair cop, guv' before the disks tumbled down the stairs
WHO, ME? The long arm of the law is unexpectedly severed by the antics of Microsoft Exchange this week as another reader explains why some of Her Majesty's finest were once bereft of festive email. Welcome to Who, Me?

Today's story, from a reader Regomized as "Sam", takes us back to the mid 2000s and happier days before Brexit, Trump and the pandemic showed up.

During these halcyon times, Sam was working as a civilian employee for a local UK Police force as a member of the desktop support team. He'd been there a few months when the festive season rolled around.

The Register, July 11th, 2022
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IT News - Blockchain
Blockchain Breakthroughs: A Tech Revolution Told In Whitepapers
Whitepapers are the standard mode of communicating innovation in the blockchain space.
"It's something of a feast of technological creativity. Read on for a sampling of groundbreaking web3 whitepapers," writes Matthew Tyson in CIO.

"Blockchain is one of the great blindsides in the history of technology. Major trends around cloud technology, virtualization, and mobile you could see coming, but a novel distributed computing model based on public key cryptography? That came almost completely out of the blue..."

CIO, July 14th, 2022
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IT News - HR
The Future Of Work Is A Tech (And Management) Challenge
A Corel survey indicates 78% of employees say leadership should do more to boost collaboration, and 27% say their company has invested in the wrong tools for the job.
Jonny Evans writes in Computerworld, "Even Apple must surely now see that the future of work is a technology challenge. Solving that challenge will demand new generations of office equipment designed to support much deeper experiences of remote and hybrid collaboration, and solutions must reflect the needs of employees.

Searching for a collaboration superstar

Corel offers up fresh insights from its Collaboration Survey, which polled 2,027 office workers in the US, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Australia. It found that 54% of enterprise employees believe poor collaboration tools are a problem and 70% believe they limit productivity and waste time..."

Computerworld, July 13th, 2022
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IT News - Operations
7 Tips For Improving It Resilience In The Digital Era
In today's IT world, resiliency means having the ability to deal with disruption without business interruption - all while delivering the experience users have come to expect from their tech.
"For most of its existence, IT resilience has focused on uptime, making sure systems don't go down, and if they do, bringing them back online as quickly as possible," opines Mary Pratt in CIO.

"But that is only part of the equation in this modern digital era. Today IT resilience means much more.

Consider, for example, Brad Stone's take on it. As CIO for Booz Allen Hamilton, Stone says he thinks of resilience in two dimensions: One is about enabling the business without interruption; the second is about having the ability to adjust, deal with change, and handle the unexpected..."

CIO, July 11th, 2022
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8 Best MIB Browsers To Manage Snmp Devices In 2022
Network Administrators who work with SNMP-enabled networking devices and services need a MIB browser.
"It will be beneficial to have a basic understanding of MIB and its working before moving on to different MIB browsers for managing SNMP devices," writes Ashlin Jenifa in Geekflare

What is MIB?

MIB stands for Management Information Bases. A MIB is indeed a structured text file that compiles all the network objects used by a specific hardware device that can be managed and controlled using the SNMP protocol.

Geekflare, July 11th, 2022
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IT News - Security
5 Key Considerations For Your 2023 Cybersecurity Budget Planning
An evolving threat landscape, regulatory requirement changes, and increases in cyber insurance are among leading factors that will impact next year's security budget.
Bob Violino writes in CSO Online, "As CISOs look to prepare their 2023 security budgets, some might be asking themselves, 'where do I begin?' There are such varied and rapidly changing facets of defending organizations against cyber threats that the task of sorting out which risks need the most attention can seem overwhelming.

Nevertheless, security leaders need to begin thinking about how much funding they will need and how they will allocate their budgets. 'At a macro level, when defining strategic goals and developing budgets for security, CISOs should know that the status quo will likely leave security leaders with an impossible mission ahead-constrained to maintain operations and new initiatives,' says David Chaddock, director of cybersecurity for consultancy West Monroe..."

CSO Online, July 14th, 2022
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8 Most Common Causes Of A Data Breach
Data breaches are a rising global threat. According to IBM and the Ponemon Institute, data breaches reached a record high in the last two years.
Over 2,200 cyberattacks happen daily, costing large companies $4,24 million with each attack. The most frustrating part of these recurring events is that the causes of data breaches remain pretty much the same for private persons and companies alike.

The mitigation of data breaches strictly depends on how high you regard the data managed by your company. Don't underestimate the importance of data loss prevention-it's key given the ongoing proliferation of cybercrime. Learning about the most common causes of data leaks is useless unless you take action to prevent these events. In the following lines, we discuss eight common causes of security breaches and how to solve these issues with effective measures.

Security Boulevard, July 14th, 2022
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Data Security - The Flip Side Of Data Privacy
In the movie 'The Truman Show,' Truman Burbank lived life in an almost perfect, if boring, setting. Arguablydd, his life is secure.
Priyadarshi Prasad writes in Security Boulevard, "Living your life as part of a carefully scripted reality TV show, watched by millions of people, is nothing if not secure. But privacy-that's another matter altogether. In 1998, the movie was quite ahead of its time in laying out the tradeoffs between privacy and comfort and convenience.

After realizing that his privacy has been violated and exploited his entire life, Truman Burbank didn't like it one bit, and movie viewers largely empathized with him. It is ironic, though, to reflect back and think that the movie came at the beginning of an era where nearly the entire world traded their privacy for such conveniences as free email, free search, free video games and the like..."

Security Boulevard, July 12th, 2022
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How Not To Pay A Ransom: 3 Tips For Enterprise Security Pros
How is Ransomware Ransacking Enterprise Revenues?
At the beginning of each year, we are ushered into the concept of what the new 'new' is: Fifty is the new 40, red is the new blue and so on. Ransomware is a malware which has been rapidly gaining attention. It is typically introduced into a corporate network through an employee. From there it spreads quickly and executes a crypto virology attack, affecting systems adversely. Subsequently, hackers demand a ransom to restore the data, and the malware has inflicted unprecedented damage and the threat of it intensifying looms large over the cyber world.
Security Boulevard, July 12th, 2022
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Securing The Future: Helping Companies Innovate At The Edge
Innovating at the Edge and the Constraints of Traditional IT Security
As companies are undergoing the metamorphosis of digital transformation in today's era of cloud computing, they are often using technologies at the razor's edge (pun very much intended) of what is possible. Edge computing is one of these examples where in order to continue to innovate, companies are pushing distributed compute resources outside the confines of the traditional datacenter to process, store, and analyze data closer to where that data is produced within the enterprise.
Security Boulevard, July 11th, 2022
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The Five Most Dangerous New Cyber Attack Techniques (A Review Of The RSA Keynote)
2022 is a new world in the cyber attack space, and Katie Nickels, SANS instructor, and director of intelligence at threat detection vendor Red Canary, describes the top five new attack they are seeing in the space
Spoiler alert: one of them is attacks against backups! Learn from an expert as we discuss the top five attacks they are seeing right now. We talk about living off the cloud, MFA exploits, an increase in nation-state hackers, the increased use of stalkerware, and YES: attacks against backup infrastructure. We discuss each of these in this important episode of Restore it All!
Backup Central, July 11th, 2022
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Tools For Data Loss Prevention - Choose Wisely
What is data loss prevention? Well, companies use data loss prevention tools to safeguard their data and prevent any misuse or access by unauthorized users.
DLP software offers complete visibility over your company's data and every system managed within your infrastructure.

These software applications are designed to mitigate the risk of data loss events, which can happen by accident, on account of a cyberattack, or by a natural disaster. With the increasing growth of data transfers by most companies, data loss protection software is no longer a luxury.

It's a necessity. Any data-driven company is aware of cyber threats and how costly a data breach can be. While there's no magic bullet when it comes to DLP solutions, the importance of data loss prevention remains a priority.

Security Boulevard, July 11th, 2022
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IT News - Database
6 Most Trending Databases Used In 2022 For Application Development
Database management systems are the backbone of today's digitally advanced world. Thanks to the democratization of the internet, there has been a massive surge in data, which is a goldmine for companies.
"The digital transformation leads web and application development companies to utilize the most popular app development database in 2022," opines UI Designer in Security Boulevard.

"As per the Stack Overflow Developers survey, PostgreSQL has 46.48% popularity among professional developers, while MySQL has 45.68%.

What is Database?

A database can be referred to as the place where all your essential information and data is stored in an organized manner on a computer or cloud system. Generally, databases are controlled by the Database Management Systems (DBMS)..."

Security Boulevard, July 11th, 2022
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IT News - Linux
How To Protect Linux Against Rogue USB Devices Using Usbguard
You deployed a perfect firewall and other network security policies preventing unauthorized access to the user's desktop computer over a network.
"However," writes Vivek Gite in nixCraft, "you still need to block USB device access. We can configure a Linux desktop security policy to protect your computer against rogue USB devices (a.k.a. BadUSB) by implementing essential allow and blocklisting capabilities based on device attributes. For instance, I can de&#64257;ne what kind of USB devices are authorized and how a USB device interacts with the Linux system. For example, I can define policy allowing Yubikey with serial number 'XYZ' and USB LTE modem with serial # 'ABC.' Every other USB device access is denied by default..."
nixCraft, July 12th, 2022
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IT News - Cloud
5 Experts Demystify Post-Cloud Migration Challenges
Businesses must think about what comes after cloud migration and prepare for the challenges that arise once workloads are transferred.
"Cloud migration is no simple feat," opines Lindsey Wilkinson in CIODIVE. "It involves intense planning, resources and cooperation to innovate and optimize successfully.

But, no matter how much an organization plans ahead, there's always a curveball.

'During a migration process, every cloud provider will try and make it as painless and as seamless as possible, and then on Day Two, you're effectively left on your own,' said Clara Angotti, co-founder and president of Next Pathway..."

CIODIVE, July 15th, 2022
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6 Cloud Monitoring Use Cases And Why You Should Care
End-to-end visibility of application and network performance from on-premises to the cloud is critical for efficient and accurate network monitoring.
Jubil Mathew writes in NETWORKcomputing, "According to recent research from Flexera, 92% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy. However, according to Cisco, network teams are struggling to keep up with the pace of cloud change, with 73% of networking teams spending more of their time maintaining the status quo rather than focusing on multi-cloud deployments. Today, we'll be looking at how you can get visibility into multi-cloud deployments and overcome some of the key challenges by reviewing six use cases, which include cloud network and application visibility, hybrid IT, security incident response, cost consumption, cloud migration, and application visibility control..."
NETWORKcomputing, July 11th, 2022
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Walmart's Multi-Cloud Strategy Cuts Millions In It Costs
Walmart built its own cloud platform and tied it to two public cloud providers, creating a multi-cloud architecture that saved millions in costs and sped up development tasks.
"Walmart's advice to companies trying to control the hefty cost of running workloads on the three largest cloud providers comes down to one word," writes Antone Gonsalves in SearchCloudComputing, "choice."

"Tying your IT wagon to only AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud will likely lead to higher costs than having the option to run workloads on at least two platforms, said Kevin Evans, vice president of infrastructure services at the world's second-largest retailer behind Amazon..."

SearchCloudComputing, July 12th, 2022
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IT News - Careers
4 Reasons To Invest In Leadership Training For Everyone
Great leaders often come from non-traditional places. Here's why it's important to consider talent from a new perspective and encourage everyone to grow their skills
"As a leadership and change consultant," writes Diana Vienne in The Enterprisers Project, "I believe 'The Great Resignation' is shorthand for the collective sigh (or perhaps scream) that's emanated from management and HR offices across the country as they watch key employees leave the fold.

As study after study attempts to answer the 'why," leaders are thinking more immediately about their approach to talent management and developing strategies to retain their top talent..."

The Enterprisers Project, July 15th, 2022
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IT News - Big Data
Top 10 Data Lake Solution Vendors In 2022
A data lake is defined as a single, centralized repository that can store massive amounts of unstructured and semi-structured information in its native, raw form.
Shannon Flynn writes in VentureBeat, "It's common for an organization to store unstructured data in a data lake if it hasn't decided how that information will be used. Some examples of unstructured data include images, documents, videos and audio. These data types are useful in today's advanced machine learning (ML) and advanced analytics applications.

Data lakes differ from data warehouses, which store structured, filtered information for specific purposes in files or folders. Data lakes were created in response to some of the limitations of data warehouses. For example, data warehouses are expensive and proprietary, cannot handle certain business use cases an organization must address, and may lead to unwanted information homogeneity..."

VentureBeat, July 15th, 2022
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Top ETL Tools 2022
In this data-driven age, enterprises leverage data to analyze products, services, employees, customers, and more, on a large scale.
Collins Ayuya writes in IT Business Edge, "ETL (extract, transform, load) tools enable highly scaled sharing of information by bringing all of an organization's data together and avoiding data silos...."

What are ETL Tools?

Extract, transform, and load a data management process for collecting data from multiple sources to support discovery, analysis, reporting, and decision-making. ETL tools are instruments that automate the process of turning raw data into information that can deliver actionable business intelligence. They extract data from underlying sources, transform data to satisfy the data models enterprise repositories, and load data into its target destination.

IT Business Edge, July 15th, 2022
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IT News - Encryption
NIST Names New Post-Quantum Cryptography Standards
One public-key encryption and three digital signature algorithms determined to provide the best defense against quantum attacks.
Peter Wayner writes in CSO Online, "The path to a secure future in a world with quantum computers just became a bit clearer. This week, the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced the algorithms that were chosen in the third round of its competition to create a new post-quantum cryptography (PQC) standard built upon encryption algorithms that can resist the powers of quantum processors.

NIST made an announcement with several layers. At the core were the choices for the main algorithms: CRYSTALS-Kyber for establishing a key and CRYSTALS-Dilithium for digital signatures..."

CSO Online, July 11th, 2022
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IT News - Developer
5 Ways To Learn C Programming On Linux
Download our new eBook for tips and tricks for C programming on Linux and FreeDOS.
Alan Smithee writes in, "There are many theories about why the C programming language has endured for as long as it has. Maybe it's the austerity of its syntax or the simplicity of its vocabulary. Or maybe it's that C is often seen as a utilitarian language, something that's rugged and ready to be used as a building material for something that needs no platform because it's going to be its own foundation.

C is clearly a powerful language, and I think its longevity has a little something to do with the way it serves as a springboard for other popular technologies. Here are five of my favorite technologies that utilize and rely upon C, and how they can each help you learn more about yourself...", July 14th, 2022
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