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Swarm learning is one of the latest in a series of buzzwords that seem to continually appear.

"Along with artificial intelligence and machine learning, this latest phrase seems to be getting more and more 'out there.', writes in Richard Hatheway in technative

"But is it really? Let's go deeper and find out.

A short history of swarm learning

The name swarm learning was inspired by the collective behavior of animals and insects that come together to achieve a mutual goal. Think of bees swarming to build a hive, small fish forming a bait ball to scare off larger predator fish, wolves hunting their prey in packs, or birds moving together in flight..."

Aurelius Tjin writes, "Try out these 8 cool and interesting A.I. websites that I compiled!"

Artificial intelligence can provide assistance in your day-to-day, save you time, and enhance your life. In fact, you're most likely using AI-driven apps and devices such as Siri on your Apple devices or Google Assistant.


The benefits of using AI are all around us, we just need to take the time to explore them and see what they can do for us!

Even apart from the enduring dream of human-like intelligence, the future of AI is expected to play a deeply significant role in consumer and business markets.

"Artificial intelligence's impact on the world has already been felt in a variety of ways, from chess computers to search engine algorithms to a chatbot so convincing that a Google researcher thinks it's sentient. So what's the future of AI?" asks Zephin Livingston in eWeek.

"Obviously, the future of AI can't be predicted any more than tomorrow's lottery numbers can. But even as the research in the field drives the technology further and further, we can put our futurist caps on and speculate about what the world might look like in an AI-driven future..."

Businesses are immensely benefiting from AI adoption. AI technologies and capabilities have enabled businesses to transform their operations and scope of revenue generation with an unmatched precision.

"In 2022, the global AI software industry will touch $62 billion," writes Sudipto Ghosh in AiTHORITY, "thanks to an enhanced adoption rate among businesses that see AI and other intelligent capabilities as a means to mature in changing economic landscape.

A new report from Yell highlights on the growing potential of using AI in business. It has revealed the impressive time, money and effort savings companies around the world could stand to make with AI adoption. If done right, businesses can save up to $35000* every year- an absolute game-changer in the modern context of automation and financial stability..."

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