AI Adoption Could Save Businesses $35,000 Every Year
AiTHORITY, July 18th, 2022
July 31, 2022,
Volume 292, Issue 4

Businesses are immensely benefiting from AI adoption. AI technologies and capabilities have enabled businesses to transform their operations and scope of revenue generation with an unmatched precision.

"In 2022, the global AI software industry will touch $62 billion," writes Sudipto Ghosh in AiTHORITY, "thanks to an enhanced adoption rate among businesses that see AI and other intelligent capabilities as a means to mature in changing economic landscape.

A new report from Yell highlights on the growing potential of using AI in business. It has revealed the impressive time, money and effort savings companies around the world could stand to make with AI adoption. If done right, businesses can save up to $35000* every year- an absolute game-changer in the modern context of automation and financial stability..."

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