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The pandemic rush to the cloud has many IT leaders midway through migrations, faced with sky-high monthly bills, a souring economy, and ROI still a ways off on the horizon.

"Deep into a massive shift to the cloud, McDermott International CIO Vagesh Dave found himself at an unforgiving crossroads," writes Paula Rooney in CIO. "As engineers gobbled up the vast computing resources available in the cloud, the oil rig constructor IT chief noticed the monthly bill was sky high with little return on investment yet to be realized during the migration.

To stem the tide, Dave opted to move a range of heavy-duty computing loads back to on-premises servers in a downsized data center..."

The Future Of The Hybrid Cloud
CIO, July 18th, 2022
Go beyond applications and processes, no matter where your business is.

"The concept of devices all over the planet being able to access data no matter where it resides is at the core of modern computing," writes Matt Hogstrom in CIO.

"That's why organizations keep their critical information in multiple environments, including private clouds, on-premises, and on the public cloud. Given this reality, the key for businesses to get the most value from their technology investments lies in achieving the right balance. Broadcom advises business leaders on the hybrid cloud strategies that can best position them for success..."

On-Premises vs. Cloud Data Warehouses: Pros And Cons
SearchDataManagement, July 22nd, 2022
Data warehouses increasingly are being deployed in the cloud. But both on-premises and cloud data warehouses have pluses and minuses to consider, as explained here.

"Data warehouses are widely used by organizations of all sizes to ingest, store and process large amounts of data for BI and analytics applications," writes Chris Foot in SearchDataManagement.

"They emerged in the 1990s and are a mature, mainstream technology. Nowadays, though, one of the big decisions for an organization that's looking to deploy a data warehouse is whether to put it on premises or in the cloud.

As with other types of IT systems, a cloud data warehouse offers various benefits over an on-premises installation -- for example, easy scalability, more flexibility and less routine management work for database administrators (DBAs)..."

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