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Best Practices For Legal Hold Storage
SearchStorage, July 18th, 2022
Storing data for legal holds could be a mission-critical task. Storage admins should understand how to prepare for legal holds and deal with them when they occur.

"Storage administrators will likely need to help with the legal hold process at some point," writes Robert Sheldon in SearchStorage. "Most organizations eventually face some type of litigation, which usually means that they must place legal holds on their data to prevent employees from altering or destroying it.

An organization might need to juggle multiple legal holds at the same time, which adds complexity to an already difficult process. Storage admins are natural candidates for participation in the legal hold process, even if it's only to help data owners or custodians lock down their data..."

Western Digital First To Ship 22TB Drives
Blocks&Files, July 19th, 2022
Western Digital is now shipping three mainstream 22TB disk drives after announcing it was sampling the products in May.

Chris Mellor writes in Blocks&Files, "They are the Gold IT/data center, Red Pro NAS, and Purple Pro video and surveillance products, all using non-shingled, conventional (perpendicular) magnetic recording enhanced with OptiNAND and energy-assisted Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (ePMR) technologies. These 3.5-inch format drives have 10 platters, triple actuators, and are helium-filled at the 12TB-plus level..."

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