How Emerging Technology Will Transform Your Business
InformationAge, July 23rd, 2022
July 31, 2022,
Volume 292, Issue 4

There is so much technology emerging, from the metaverse to AI to gene editing, that it can be overwhelming. Yet the CTO who fails to keep an eye on what's around the corner could find their business disrupted - or even kaput

Timothy Adler writes in InformationAge, "When the then head of IT at US VHS rental chain Blockbuster first read about an experimental video-on-demand technology being trialled in London at the beginning of the 1990s, did it cross their mind that this would eventually destroy their business?

Or if the CEO of monolithic US bookstore chain Borders first read about an upstart online bookseller called Amazon getting going in 1994, could they have foreseen themselves going bankrupt 17 years later?..."

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